Mission Statement

To gaze is not to just look at someone, but rather to look at that someone fixed and steadily in thought and admiration. As the editors of #FemaleGaze it is our objective to gaze upon women we believe to be inspirational and touch upon female roles such as motherhood, controversies, pop culture and
relationships that women encounter in modern society.

The main inspirations for #FemaleGaze come from blogs, narratives, biographies, non-fiction literature, and memoirs. We will also provide our #FemaleGaze viewers with book reviews, interviews, commentaries, and reviews of literary events.

Through our journal we aim to honor and conquer the beauty and tribulations that come with being a woman. We want people everywhere to find encouragement, enlightenment, and appreciation in their personal lives through the #FemaleGaze.

Alicia, Frances, Melissa, and Mercedes
Editors of #FemaleGaze