“Beyond Motherhood” ; Antonella Gambotto- Burke’s Mama: Love, Motherhood and Revolution

By Frances Cabigas


Today, being a mother has become one of the most underrated roles in society. Being just a mother is no longer enough. With technology advancing by the second, job opportunities flourishing, and social media taking over, life has become fast paced and reinvented— no one now wants to be known as just a mother. Many women want to be much more. They want to have their own identity, their own life. They do not want to be oppressed by the 1930’s stereotype of what a woman should be. Instead, they want to be greater, achieve higher, and accomplish more. They want to prove to the patriarchal norm that they were created to be so much more and that is how women should think and feel. But there needs to be a balance. The significance, appreciation, and honor of being a mother needs to be brought back and that is precisely what author, Antonella Gambotto- Burke, displays in her newest nonfiction work called, Mama: Love, Motherhood and Revolution.

Antonella Gambotto-Burke with daughter Bethesda

Part- memoir and part- philosophical awakening, Antonella brilliantly and passionately discusses her exploration of what it is like to be a mother and a wife in the twenty-first century. Her nonfiction work of art has received numerous positive reviews like, “A BOOK LIKE NO OTHER, it prepares the reader for an entirely new encounter with intimacy, that with their baby,” written by Andie Fox from Daily life and, “MAMA IS A LYRICAL ODE TO THE NEED TO LOVE AND A GUIDEBOOK ON HOW TO EMBRACE LOVE,” written by Peter R. Breggin a best selling author of Toxic Psychiatry and Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal. This book is a must read!

Twenty- one was the age when I first found out I was pregnant. While all my friends were planning their Las Vegas trips, I was planning for my first child. I was scared, unprepared, and had doubts whether I was going to be a good enough mom or not. Much to my surprise, many people suggested I have an abortion. They would tell me that I was still young and I needed to enjoy my twenties, or that having this baby will only hold me back from finishing school and achieving what I really wanted in life. Everyone brought up understandable concerns, but regardless of what anyone said, one thing I knew for sure: I was going to keep this child. Antonella Gambotto- Burke’s, Mama: Love, Motherhood and Revolution, is truly an amazing, inspirational, and motivational nonfiction read for anyone to enjoy— but especially for mothers. Reading it reminded me that making the choice to be a mother was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life. Her personal stories and how-to guidelines illuminate the definition of being a mother on a whole different spectrum. She allowed me to take pride in being labeled as a mother in society and opened my eyes to appreciate the wonders of being one. Antonella also changed my perspective on what love really means in the twenty-first century, whether it be with your child or with your significant other.

To define her tone and language throughout her book I would say is honesty, passion, and pride. She easily displays her knowledge and love that she has for what she is discussing within it. She says what she means blatantly but with the intent to positively change lives and opinions.

For once, life was enough.

The father of my child and I, unfortunately, did not work out and we went our separate ways before my daughter was even six months old. With that said, one of my favorite quotes from her book was when she said, “My husband was no longer just a man: he was the father of my child… Our eight year old is the incarnation of our union; we are forever fused by her blood.” After reading this, the way I looked at my ex-boyfriend went beyond him being just my ex. Instead, it was replaced with value and respect that this man is the father of my child and that this man was the one who gave me the most important thing in the world— my daughter. In all honesty, I can go on forever on how amazing this book is and how important I feel that every woman reads it— because it is life changing.

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